TITAN Elecstor 500W Portable Power Station 135000mAh - 499WH


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Titan Elecstor 500W Portable Power Station 135000mAh - 499WH can power multiple devices during a power outage; including TVs, Android box, fibre box, routers & more.

The Titan 500W 135000mAh 499Wh Elecstor Portable Power Station is simple to install and includes multiple-voltage outputs that can power a range of appliances and digital devices during a power outage or on-the-go. This device is able to power appliances including TVs, Android boxes, fibre ONU[Optical Network Unit], routers and several other small appliances via the 3-point South African plug port.
This device can also change mobile phones, tablets, and other small digital devices via the USB port.
Acts as a mobile power source and includes a built in LED flashlight, ideal for camping and can easily be recharged on-the-go via a portable solar charger or a car charger.

The Titan Elecstor 500W PPS features lithium Ion batteries (135000mAh) with safety protocols such as over-charge, over-discharge, and short circuit protection.

- Power a wide range of home and entertainment devices during power outages or on-the-go via the 3-point South African plug port. .
- Power a router and fibre ONU (Optical Network Unit).
- Keep your mobile devices charged via several USB ports.
- 499Wh High-capacity lithium-Ion batteries.
- Includes a built-in LED flashlight.
- Solar recharging.
- Portable and lightweight, perfect for camping and outdoor activities

Estimated Recharges/Run Time (Single device connected):
- Smart Phone: 10W - 49 hours
- Tablet: 10W - 49 Hours
- LED Lamp: 10W - 49 Hours
- Router + ONU: 10W - 49 Hours
- CCTV Camera: 15W - 32 Hours
- Office Phone: 5W - 98 Hours
- Portable game stations: 10W - 49 Hours
- Monitor 24 : 20W - 24 Hours
- TV + Android Box: 100W - 4 Hours
- TV + Console: 220W - 2 Hours
- Laptop: 65W - 7 Hours
- Mini Fridge: 65W - 7 Hours

- DC Output Voltage:
- 5V + USBC x 1(3A)
- 5V + USB x 3 (2A)
- 2 x 12V DC
- Power Output: 500W
- Battery Capacity: 135000mAh
- Total Watt Hours: 499Wh
- Dimensions: 284202218mm
- Weight: 6800g
- Charging Period: 2 - 4 Hours

Warranty: 12 Months (6 Months on the Battery)

What's in the box
1 x Elecstor 500W Portable Power Station 135000 mAh 499 WH
1 x Car Charger
1 x User Manual
1 x DC Charger