Sonic Generations (Essentials) (PS3)


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Two Sonics, one epic adventure.

Celebrate more than 20 years of vintage gaming in Sonic Generations, as classic and modern versions of the fastest hedgehog on the planet meet in this high-octane adventure.

Spanning Sonic's greatest moments, you'll race through iconic environments specially re-imagined in High Definition and stereoscopic 3D on PlayStation 3.

Tropical sunshine and blue skies form the backdrop to the Green Hill Zone's network of twisting tunnels, looping runways and insane leaps, making for a mesmerising introduction. If your PS3 is connected to a 3D TV, parts of the level will appear to lunge out of the screen as Sonic speeds along, making the whole world around the spiky star seem just as energised he is.

After that unforgettable opening level, taken from 1991's Sonic the Hedgehog, a stream of highlights follow. The industrial roller coaster of Sonic the Hedgehog 2's Chemical Plant, the dreamy Sky Sanctuary cloud trails of Sonic & Knuckles fame and more surprises besides look better than ever on PS3, while a host of special challenges and in-game artwork add to a special feeling of heritage.

Delving into the past and mixing it with the present makes for an incredibly varied experience in Sonic Generations, with a number of skills to master on your quest to repair the damage done by Dr Eggman.

Blinking is a total no-no in Classic Sonic's levels, where momentum is crucial. Left to right, up and down, sometimes round and round; no matter which way you're headed, you must react to new obstacles in microseconds. Dr Eggman's Badniks will strip you of your life-preserving rings the instant you falter.

Modern Sonic boasts homing attacks and a mid-air speed boost handy for reaching far off ring clusters, while his dynamic levels, taken from games including Sonic Adventure and Sonic Unleashed, feature an over-the-shoulder perspective.

Secret paths and power-ups might be hard to spot as you flash through corkscrewing levels, your feet whirring and spikes a blue blur. So why not revisit each stage? You can discover new bonuses and hidden routes as well as reduce your overall time to bump up your score and gain Skill Points. Spend these hard-earned rewards on special items and even the original Sonic the Hedgehog - the original game - in all its pixelated glory.

Fall under the spell of a fleet-footed hero who's faster, stronger and more skilful than he's ever been. Play Sonic Generations on PS3.

Memory lane, with its spring-loaded launch pads and cascading waterfalls, stands before you. As you rush along it, threatening the sound barrier, these are the characters you'll meet:

- Sonic: As Classic Sonic, you'll speed from left to right in stages cherry-picked from his early '90s adventures. Modern Sonic, on the other hand, can target enemies from the air and has a supercharged boost ability, recalling games like Sonic Adventure.

- Tails: Sonic's best friend, Miles Prower's nickname comes from his ability to hover by spinning his twin tails. You'll meet Tails in the very first stage, where he speaks on behalf of the silent Classic Sonic.

- Dr Eggman: The insane genius doubles Sonic's trouble by appearing in two forms: Classic Dr Eggman and Modern Dr Eggman. In both guises, he's backed by his army of robotic animals, the Badniks.

- Time Eater: Harnessed by Dr Eggman to alter the course of history, Time Eater splits history itself in two. This enables Sonics past and present to team up and take on this diabolical threat.

- Play as both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic in the ultimate Sonic celebration.
- Revisit iconic environments from gaming history, reimagined in beautiful High Definition.
- Unlock new adventures by completing each level and freeing Sonic's captured friends.