Playmobil Dino Rise T-Rex: Battle of the Giants 70624


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Equipped with functioning cannons, barrel catapult, and removable armor. Figure can ride the T-Rex.
Attention - the T-Rex is attacking! The T-Rex? Oh no, that's the Comet Corporation's hypermodern fighting robot and whoever is controlling it is up to no good. The robot fighting machine is on destruction course! Who is going to stop it? Suddenly intrepid Ian blocks the machine's path, and he's not alone. Ian sits on the back of a real T-Rex with titanium strong protective armour, equipped with cannons and a catapult. Together with the dinosaur and super advanced combat equipment, the two bravely face the machine. A battle of the giants begins!


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  • 1 x Playmobil Dino Rise T-Rex: Battle of the Giants