Sonic Forces (Nintendo Switch)

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Three Types Of Gameplay
- Speed and fight through hordes of robots as Modern Sonic.
- Play fast-paced side-scrolling action as Classic Sonic.
- Run across iconic zones and defeat enemies as your own Custom Hero Character.

Custom Hero Character
- Join Sonic's army against Dr.Eggman by creating your own Custom Hero Character.
- Outfit your custom hero character with hundreds of different accessories to choose from.
- Share your character with other fans around the world and get experience points.

All-star Cast Of Sonic Heroes And Villains
- Features an all-star cast of well-known heroes and villians, including the new enermy, infinite.
- Infinite was created by Dr.Eggman and is Sonic's most fearsome enemy yet.
- Infinite has brought together iconic enemies to stop Sonic's resistance and has the power to manipulate reality.
- It's up to Sonic and his iconic friends (Tails, Kunckles, Silver, and more) to join the resistance against Dr.Eggman and save the fallen world.

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