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Build your dream team to shred the streets, parks and plazas, and change the face of the city...

Port Carverton is a skater's paradise - at every turn there are ramps, rails, pipes and gaps to master and, best of all, there's nobody stopping you. In fact, you're more likely to bump into pros such as Andrew Reynolds, Danny Way and Benny Fairfax, than surly security guards. They're on hand to guide you through the game and issue challenges, but before that, you need to decide what you're going to look like.

The flexible character creation tool from the previous Skate games is back with even more clothing options, so you can create a truly distinctive character to take to the online asphalt. You can unlock even more clothing items and decks by selling boards and beating challenges.

There's a wide range of events out there in Port Carverton, ranging from full-blown contests based on real world events to photo opportunities, where you have to nail a single trick and choose the best shot - you can even edit your pictures in-game and upload them to your skate. Profile for other players to view and rate.

You can also build your own skate parks using the accessible skate. Park editor, upload them to the community and download the creations of other players from around the world via PlayStation Network. Remember: everything you do in Skate 3 sells boards and takes you one step closer to world domination.

In Skate and Skate 2, you were an unknown with a board and a dream, trying to get noticed in a town where skaters weren't welcome. In Skate 3, you're an established name and everyone wants to be seen riding with you. Best of all, you're in a brand new city where even the security guards skate to work.

Your next step? World domination. You've got to put together a team, choose your name and logo, and then turn that team into a brand.

Everything you do, from shooting films to winning contests to building skate parks, sells skateboards, so get out there and take control of Port Carverton, one spot at a time.

Mastering the Skate games is similar to real skateboarding - it takes patience and practice, and you have to be prepared to spend a lot of time sprawled on the pavement. However, when you get the knack of things, it's very satisfying. In Skate 3, an easier difficulty setting has been added for those who find the learning curve too steep and a hardcore setting has been added for series veterans.

A staggering array of tricks and tweaks has been mapped onto the Wireless Controller but the basics are pushing off for speed using the X button, steering with the left stick and pulling off tricks with accurate flicks of the right stick. Once you're ready to move on to grabs, manuals, dark slides and more, you can visit Coach Frank's skate. School and enlist in a class.

Many of the challenges, such as Contests and 1Up duels against pros, are all about earning points and you can do this by chaining together tricks. The points earned for each trick depend on the speed at which you nail it, the difficulty of the trick, the cleanliness of the landing and the variety of your routine. You can pick up bonuses for jumping over objects and gaps or soaring at death-defying heights, so it's worth scouting out a prime spot before starting your run.

When things don't go right you might find yourself in some eye watering accidents and there's an event type dedicated to the size of your medical bill. Hall Of Meat challenges you to throw yourself off tall buildings, strike a comedy pose as you plummet, and complete objectives such as landing in a series of dumpsters or breaking eight bones in a single crash.

- Roll into fresh territory as Skate 3 heads to the brand new city of Port Carverton.
- Build your own customised skate team and engage in unique team challenges.
- Compete against rival crews online via PlayStation Network and shred the streets.

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