Imaginext Jurassic World Thrashin' Action T.Rex Dinosaur

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Young dinosaur wranglers can create their own action-packed adventures with this Imaginext Jurassic World Thrashin' Action T. rex dinosaur from Fisher-Price . The ferocious T. rex is on the hunt. When she spots her prey, kids can slide the button to change her eyes from calm to angry, then use the tail and trigger to control the action as she chomps and thrashes! No one is safe with this fierce dinosaur on the loose...

- Kids can create Jurassic World adventures with this T. rex dinosaur figure featuring awesome thrashing action.
- Slide the button to change her expression from calm to angry.
- Move the tail side to side to see her head thrash! Move the tail up & down to change the dino's position.
- Press the tail trigger for cool chomping action.
- For preschool kids ages 3-8 years.

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​1 X Dinosaur

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