Grand Theft Auto 5 (Xbox 360)

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Developed by series creator Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto V is the largest and most ambitious title in the series to date. Set in the sprawling city of Los Santos and the surrounding area, Grand Theft Auto V delivers a world of unprecedented scale and detail bursting with life, from mountaintops to the depths of the ocean.

Instead of following one story, Grand Theft Auto V will follow three different protagonists with each having their own story that intersects with the others at some points. To summarize their lives:

  • Michael: Ex-bank robber living lavishly in witness protection with his family.
  • Trevor: Trailer trash with a bad and spontaneous attitude.
  • Franklin: Young gun taking his career path to a new level.

    Working for Organized Crime

    It's basically a time-honored tradition to work for organized crime in Grand Theft Auto games. Doesn't really matter if we're talking normal Mafia or Triads it's lucrative and fun!

    Living the Vinewood Dream

    With GTA V having a much stronger focus on the city of Los Santos and not spread out over an entire state the distinct possibility of playing missions revolving around the movie industry greatly increases. Similar to the InterGlobal mission line in Vice City, but on a much larger scale.

    Heist Missions

    Nothing makes money quite like a major heist, and GTA is known for its elaborate heist mission lines. From the bank robberies of Vice City and IV to the great casino job of San Andreas there's money to be made every which way! Heists of all sizes will happen throughout Grand Theft Auto 5. We might even be able to do them outside of regular missions!
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