Furreal Shaggy Shawn

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This shaggy pup sure could use a new look. With the buzzer accessory, kids can style this handsome hairful over and over again, making it look like he got a trim each time. Fun accessory makes buzzing sounds and vibrations, so kids can feel like they're real pet groomers. There are so many ways to style this terrier pet - kids can give him a mohawk look, a comb-over, a fancy moustache, and so much more.

- Pet, accessory, and instructions

- Style this fuzzy pup
- Make him look like he got a trim
- Buzzer accessory makes buzzing sounds and vibrations

- 3 x 1.5v A76 alkaline batteries included
- Suitable for ages 4 Years and older
- Dimensions: 13.3cm x 26.7cm x 24.1cm
- Weight: 68g

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