Bath Bombs (Pack of 3)

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Enjoy three luxurious baths with the So Bomb DIY Bath Bomb Kit—3 Pack. This fun kit comes with everything you need to create 3 bath bombs, each with a surprise figure to hide inside. So add a little creativity to bath time!

With the So Bomb DIY Bath Bomb Kit—3 Pack, you can mix and mold your own fizzy creations for bath time magic. Mix the brightly coloured powder with the glittery powder, and then add the decorative sprinkles to the mold. Pour in the powder mix to make a bath bomb that’s totally unique. You can even combine the coloured powders to create a marbled effect! Hide the cute characters in your bath bomb creations for a playful surprise at bath time.

This special bath bomb formula is now even quicker and easier. Every ingredient is already coloured, fragranced and measured out, so you can enjoy fizzy fun with the perfect ratio within 10 minutes. Relax in a warm tub, coloured and scented by a bath bomb you made yourself. Each So Bomb DIY Bath Bomb Kit—3 Pack makes three 6cm bath bombs. Just follow the directions to create unique bath bombs for yourself or a friend.

What's in the box
3 x DIY Bath Bombs

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