Bakugan Battle Strike - Blitz Fox Stingzer


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Introducing all-new bakugan evolutions battle strike pack! The battle strike pack is the ultimate collector item – featuring a platinum bakugan forged in true metal, 2 bakugan, 1 geogan, 2 nanogan, 6 bakucores, 3 character cards, 3 ability cards, and 3 gate cards. It has everything you need to collect, brawl and more! Your bakugan just became stronger than ever with these battle-hardened platinum bakugan – there’s one in every pack, made with true metal! Feel the premium weight in your hands as you roll them over the bakucores! Watch your bakugan pop-open and transform into a fierce creature! These heavy-weight champions will deliver incredible damage in battle like never before. Roll into action against friends with bakugan and emerge victorious! For a surprise attack, summon your nanogan to power up your bakugan and conquer your opponent! The nanogan can attach to any bakugan for a powerful boost in battle. Nanogan features translucent details and awesome designs! Mix and match to create your favourite combination and deliver incredible damage in battle. Use the included ability cards for even more ways to play and earn bonuses! Add all the season 4 bakugan evolutions toys to your collection and build your own dream team! Take your brawls to the next level with an all-new bakugan evolutions battle strike pack!features

Everything you need: the bakugan evolutions battle strike pack features a 3 bakugan, 1 geogan, 2 nanogan, 6 bakucores and bakugan cards! It has everything you need to collect, brawl, and dominate battles!
Platinum evolutions bakugan: unleash the strength of the all-new platinum bakugan, featuring true metal finishes, awesome details and an all-new deco! Your bakugan just became stronger than ever!
2 nanogan: deliver unbeatable power with the all-new nanogan with translucent details! Power up your bakugan by attaching them to supercharge your battling abilities. Get ready to brawl in the bakugan battle arena!
Collect them all: level-up your battles with the all-new platinum bakugan action figures! Experience these powerful bakugan as these surprise toys take on new shapes and transformations!

What's in the box
1x True Metal Bakugan
2x Bakugan
1x Geogan
2x Nanogan
6x BakuCores
1x Bakugan Toy Battling Rule Book
3x Character Cards
3x Ability Cards
3x Gate Cards
1x Collector Sheet